• Aug 02
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    Decoding Wet Food Textures

    When it comes to feeding your pet, you certainly want to opt for only the best to make sure you’re not compromising their health and nutrition. Adding the right wet food to your pet’s diet can provide high moisture content to help them stay hydrated, as well as boosting their nutrition.

  • Feb 20
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    A Dog-Loving Beginner’s Guide to Grain-Free Feeding

    Heard about grain-free diets for dogs? This way of feeding is increasingly popular across the globe. We have lots of customers looking for dog food in Dubai who come to our stores wanting to know more about going grain-free. We are always happy to help them out since we wholeheartedly recommend grain-free diets for dogs. Grain-free feeding for dogs is also frequently endorsed by veterinarians as the healthiest choice for your pet.

  • Jan 15
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    The Ultimate Guide to Feeding Your Dog in Their Prime Years

    As your dog grows and develops, its nutritional requirements will also change.
    To ensure that you are providing your dog with the nutrients it needs to be as healthy as possible, it is essential that you take the time to understand the different stages of its life and the effects of the food it consumes. By doing your research and ordering the best dog food in Dubai, you can feel comfortable knowing your pet is getting the nutrition it needs.

  • Oct 20
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    Our DIY Howl-o-ween treats!

  • Sep 01
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    September is our Dental month

    Every year in September we launch our dental month, where we talk about the importance of dental health in pets. Did you know by the age of two, 80% of dogs already have some kind of dental disease? 

  • Jul 15
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    How to Potty Train your Dog

    Our dogs are spending more time indoors, partly due to the hot weather, partly due to the ‘new normal’ we are all living in, which in the most part means we don’t go out as much. Plus, this time at home has influenced many to get a new pup. As a result, we are getting an influx of customers asking for advice on toilet training.

  • May 20
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    Understanding eco terminology

    There are a lot of views on what sustainability is and how it can be achieved, but essentially the word sustainability can be defined as the ability to maintain a healthy environment, social and economic systems indefinitely, on a local and global scale. But, the words sustainable and sustainability have slightly different meanings and can’t be interchanged.

  • Apr 30
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    5 ways to exercise your dog indoors

    As we are now weeks into social distancing, most of us are looking into ways to stay fit at home. But we should keep in mind that we humans aren’t the only ones who need exercise. Keeping your dog physically and mentally fit will save him from getting bored and letting out energy in destructive ways like excessive barking, chewing, or digging. If you normally take your dog out on long walks, you might be confused on ways to keep your pup stimulated while you’re stuck indoors.

  • Apr 22
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    Is there such a thing as one cuddle too many?

    One of the benefits of owning a smaller breed is that you can cuddle them, pick them up and hug them like a wonderful warm teddy bear. In fact, who can resist, I certainly cannot! Nothing better for the soul, and especially in times of sadness when I need a little love, I will often go on the hunt for my little Danny.