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  • Mar 17
    • 40

    Ways that you can help from home

    Staying indoors for safety reasons? Here’s how you can help others from home.

  • Mar 10
    • 36

    Are Some Dogs Stupid?

    Dogs are always associated as being intelligent. Man has used dogs throughout the centuries in helping with many different aspects of life. Be it from herding sheep, guarding, tracking, hunting and more recently even being wonderful companions and help to the deaf and blind.

  • Feb 17
    • 74


    Show your fur baby the love this February with our DIY Valentine's treats!

  • Feb 12
    • 52

    14 Reasons Why pets are better than partners

    For a start, you can have as many pets as you like

  • Dec 18
    • 119

    Christmas and your dog

    The holiday season is upon us. It’s an exciting and magical time of year but with the decorations, the food and all the strange visitors it can sadly be stressful and dangerous for your beloved pooch.

  • Nov 06
    • 268

    Pet cancer and diabetes awareness month

    November is pet cancer and diabetes awareness month. Here, we want to shed some light on the signs and symptoms to look out for in your pet, how to reduce the chances of your pet getting either of these illnesses and how to manage if your pet is diagnosed with diabetes.

  • Sep 30
    • 414

    How to choose the right KONG for your dog

    No two dogs are the same, they all have their own personalities and habits, but one thing they all have in common is their need/urge to chew. To stop them from chewing your furniture and belongings, you have to provide your dog with his or her own chew toys.

  • Sep 25
    • 95

    DIY - FROZEN PUP-sicles

    Another easy DIY summer treat recipe for your pup

  • Sep 15
    • 256

    DIY SUMMER TREATS - Tropical Cubes

    We're back with another yummy treat to help your pup cool down this summer.

  • Sep 11
    • 146

    Why you need to take care of your pet’s dental health

    Here at Pet’s Delight we are often telling our customers about the importance of dental health for their pets and educating them on our dental hygiene products. To raise more awareness of this issue, we have launched the Pet’s Delight Dental Month.