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  • Apr 01
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    Why do cats scratch?

    Have to explain to your already annoyed husband that the cat has just scratched the side of your beautiful new – rather expensive – sofa? Cringe! Is patience running thin for your - oh so beautiful - cat that you promised would not cause a moment’s trouble?

  • Jul 31
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    Could your cat be overheating?

    Cats are susceptible to overheating, heatstroke, dehydration, and other heat-related illnesses like us humans are. So when you feel warm, chances are your kitty does, too.

  • Apr 24
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    At what age does your kitty become a senior cat?

    Modern medicine means that our beloved cats are living longer and better lives than ever before. And with the population of senior cats on the rise, it’s important that as cat parents we learn how to care for them in their golden years.

  • Sep 12

    What does your cat’s meow mean?

    The main forms of communication for adult cats in the wild are through scent, facial expressions, complex body language, and touch.

    Meowing isn’t actually part of natural cat language. It would seem that it was developed to communicate with humans.