The “Love Hormone” In Your Dog

The “Love Hormone” In Your Dog
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The “Love Hormone” In Your Dog

The “Love Hormone” In Your Dog

How often do you look into your dog’s eyes? Call them lovingly? Smile at them? If your answer is all the time - then your dog loves you and you love them back too. There is however a deeper and scientific reason behind your chemistry.

A new study shows that, every time you have a positive interaction with your dog, their “oxytocin” levels go up and so do yours. So, what is Oxytocin? It’s a hormone that drives up and increases our love and attachment when surrounded by loved ones, you’d be surprised to know that dogs carry these hormones too!

Every eye contact, cuddle and playing exchanged between you and your pup increases oxytocin, also known as the “love hormone” in your bodies that helps create a strong bond between you two.

So don’t forget to make every interaction with your dog count as special as it helps you both bond with one another both physically and emotionally.

5 Ways To Make Your Dog Feel Extra Loved This Valentine’s 

1. Bake them a super healthy and delicious Valentine’s Day treat to surprise them - Find our favourite recipe here!

2. Puzzle time! Hide some yummy treats in different areas of your house and leave your dog up to a quest.

3. Head out on a dinner date with them to a pet-friendly spot in the neighbourhood. 

4. Dance together and learn some new moves (love songs are great but don’t be shy to groove together on your other favourite songs too)

5. Didn’t plan anything yet? Then Netflix & cuddles night it is! A perfect and cozy way to relax with your dog (You could watch a famous dog movie too).



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