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  • Jul 15
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    How to Potty Train your Dog

    Our dogs are spending more time indoors, partly due to the hot weather, partly due to the ‘new normal’ we are all living in, which in the most part means we don’t go out as much. Plus, this time at home has influenced many to get a new pup. As a result, we are getting an influx of customers asking for advice on toilet training.

  • Apr 30
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    5 ways to exercise your dog indoors

    As we are now weeks into social distancing, most of us are looking into ways to stay fit at home. But we should keep in mind that we humans aren’t the only ones who need exercise. Keeping your dog physically and mentally fit will save him from getting bored and letting out energy in destructive ways like excessive barking, chewing, or digging. If you normally take your dog out on long walks, you might be confused on ways to keep your pup stimulated while you’re stuck indoors.

  • Aug 15
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    Potty training your dog or cat? Here are our top tips

    Potty training a cat or dog is an important step for any pet parent. It can be challenging, so it’s really important to have the right products to hand.

  • Jan 02
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    Let’s get outside: Train and Walk Your Dog Month

    It’s January, which means a lot of us are kick-starting our new year’s resolutions. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the top four most popular New Year’s resolutions are around health and exercise.

  • Aug 20

    Keeping your pup happy and safe when you’re not home

    We can’t be with our pups all day every day, but leaving your pet at home alone can be heartbreaking. Being prepared and making arrangements to ensure your dog is well taken care of when you’re not around will help put your mind at ease.

    Here are our top tips for keeping your dog happy and safe when you’re not home:

  • Jul 11

    6 Essential Dog Training Gears to Ensure Success

    There are plenty of dog training supplies that will make teaching your canine commands a lot easier. Be aware that the right dog training gear can be a lifesaver if you want to train your dog efficiently and quickly.