Alfie’s Diner

Alfie’s Diner, a trademarked line of healthy treats, is part of Mark + Chappell, a renowned UK-based animal healthcare company that’s been providing premium-quality products for pets since 1987 with the aim of minimising veterinarian intervention.

Mark + Chappell, with a focus on your pet’s well-being, has created a comprehensive range of superior healthcare solutions. These include hygiene and grooming products, joint care remedies, dental care options, food supplements, behavioural aids, lawn care solutions, and their unique line of healthy treats.

Alfie’s Diner Dog Treats

Alfie’s Diner dog treats were the result of Mark + Chappell’s understanding of pets’ nutritional needs and their empathy for the difficulties dog owners go through in trying to administer tablets or pastes to their furry companions.

All of their products are meticulously formulated and expertly manufactured with an emphasis on functionality and effortless administration to enhance the quality of pets’ lives and strengthen the special bond between owners and their beloved fur babies.

Alfie’s Diner pet food consists of a dry outer shell with a nutritious cream-filled core, providing a simple and mess-free way to address common health issues. The dog treat’s ingredients are carefully chosen to cater to the dietary and healthcare requirements of all dogs through their evolving life stages.


Whether your dog has a specific dietary requirement or you want to reward them for being the good boy or girl they are, Alfie’s Diner pet food is an excellent choice that prioritises their well-being. Some of the key components and benefits of Alfie’s Diner food include:

  • Comes in salmon, chicken and turkey flavours.
  • Free from any artificial ingredients and soya.
  • Its crispy shell reduces the plaque that builds around dogs’ teeth.
  • Includes canola oil and is rich in Omega-6 and Omega-3 for healthy skin and a shiny coat.
  • Fortified with essential vitamins and minerals.
  • Enhanced palatability system to improve its taste.
  • A low-calorie option, with each treat containing only five calories.

Here, you can order from our selection of Alfie’s Diner pet-friendly dog treats: Tender Turkey, Succulent Chicken and Scrumptious Salmon. Browse our products today and give your dog the healthy, lip-licking treat they deserve.

Alfies Diner

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