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  • Dec 18
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    Christmas and your dog

    The holiday season is upon us. It’s an exciting and magical time of year but with the decorations, the food and all the strange visitors it can sadly be stressful and dangerous for your beloved pooch.

  • Oct 09
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    Our favourite pet facts

    If you follow us on social media, you'll see we regularly post facts about pets that are either handy to know, or give us a bit of a laugh!

  • Sep 15
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    DIY SUMMER TREATS - Tropical Cubes

    We're back with another yummy treat to help your pup cool down this summer.

  • Sep 04
    • 181

    Dog allergies: what you need to know

    Sneezing, itching, eyes streaming – if you suffer from allergies even reading those words could make you feel on edge. But what you might not know, is that your pup can suffer from allergies just like you can.

  • Aug 19
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    DIY Summer Treats

    The summer months can be really tough on our dogs, with overwhelming heat often leaving them struggling to cool down. 

  • Apr 25
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    Quick Guide for New Dog Parents

    Thinking of bringing home a new dog? There are many reasons why we want new pets. But are you ready for the privilege and responsibility that comes with pet ownership?

  • Apr 15
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    Depression in Dogs

    As the world is becoming more and more aware of mental health issues in humans, are we forgetting about our little pooches too?  Have you ever wondered if dogs are prone to depression?

  • Mar 27
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    The best dog breeds for hot climates

    Living in Dubai climates is great for many reasons, one of the biggest being the opportunity to enjoy mild winters. The flipside of this perk, however, is that hot climates mean hot, hot summers, and this can be hard on humans and dogs alike.

  • Feb 06
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    Is your dog’s food affecting his mood?

    If your furball’s mood has suddenly changed and you’re wondering why, one of the first things you should consider is the food he eats, particularly if you have recently changed it to something new.

  • Jan 02
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    Let’s get outside: Train and Walk Your Dog Month

    It’s January, which means a lot of us are kick-starting our new year’s resolutions. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the top four most popular New Year’s resolutions are around health and exercise.