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  • Jul 11

    Essential Dog Training Gear That Will Ensure Success

    There are plenty of dog training supplies that will make teaching your canine commands a lot easier. Be aware that the right dog training gear can be a lifesaver if you want to train your dog efficiently and quickly.

  • Jul 03

    Dealing with Your Cat’s Excessive Shedding

    As much as you love your cat, you probably do not enjoy the fact that you find cat fur pretty much everywhere around your home, and on you. Sometimes, you even find it in your mouth, somehow giving you a taste of what it’s like to gag out a hairball.

    You may think that your cat is shedding excessively, but it’s probably just the usual amount because cats do have a shedding cycle. It is natural for them to shed more at times. But if you are convinced that your cat is shedding so much more than normal, here are the different factors that could possibly be causing that.

  • Jun 25

    Family Trips With the Dog – What to Pack

    Taking Spot along for the family trip? You’ll need to pack his holiday things as well. Find out what the trip essentials for your dog are. Read the complete list of what to pack for your canine family member and use this as a checklist.

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    My 2 year old cat has always been very fussy. I have struggled to find a dry food that she doesn’t turn her nose up after 1 week of feeding. Now, we feed her Orijen Six Fish Cat and have been for the past month! So pleased to have finally found a food that she eats. Thanks Pet’s Delight!

  • Testimonials

    Your online service is fantastic, so easy to use and I can find the items I need quickly. Then to get same or next day delivery for free spending over 100AED is also fantastic!

  • Testimonials

    Thanks Pet’s Delight for my speedy delivery.

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