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  • Jan 20
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    Keeping Them Happy and Healthy: How to Feed Your Senior Dog

    From the first moment that you welcome a dog into your home, they will be an expert at bestowing unconditional love and acceptance to you. Over the years, as they grow older, you will continue to be amazed by how rewarding it is to share your life with a dog.

  • Jan 15
    • 24

    The Ultimate Guide to Feeding Your Dog in Their Prime Years

    As your dog grows and develops, its nutritional requirements will also change.
    To ensure that you are providing your dog with the nutrients it needs to be as healthy as possible, it is essential that you take the time to understand the different stages of its life and the effects of the food it consumes. By doing your research and ordering the best dog food in Dubai, you can feel comfortable knowing your pet is getting the nutrition it needs.

  • Nov 11
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    Why smaller kibble might be the right choice for your cat

    If your cat is refusing or struggling with her kibble, you are not alone. There are a handful of reasons why she might be turning her nose up at it, and one of the less obvious ones that you may not have thought of is that the kibble size might not be correct for her mouth. If your cat doesn’t have all of her teeth, this could also pose a challenge.

  • Oct 20
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    Our DIY Howl-o-ween treats!

  • Oct 13
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    Arthritis in cats: What you need to know

    Cats have been designed through evolution to hide their pain in order to not look weak to predators. As a cat owner, it can therefore be incredibly challenging to spot when your kitty is in pain or discomfort. However, keeping an eye on signs of arthritis in your cat becomes more critical as she gets older. Here’s what you need to know…

  • Sep 01
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    September is our Dental month

    Every year in September we launch our dental month, where we talk about the importance of dental health in pets. Did you know by the age of two, 80% of dogs already have some kind of dental disease? 

  • Aug 25
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    Help! My cat doesn’t like her new brother

    Since March-time, most of us have been spending the majority of our days in our homes. For a lot of pet owners, it was the most time they had ever spent with their pet, and what a bonding experience it was. Now life starts to resume some level of normal, the thought of leaving our furry friends can be heartbreaking. How will they cope after having company 24/7 for a long period of time? Will separation anxiety become a problem?

  • Jul 15
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    How to Potty Train your Dog

    Our dogs are spending more time indoors, partly due to the hot weather, partly due to the ‘new normal’ we are all living in, which in the most part means we don’t go out as much. Plus, this time at home has influenced many to get a new pup. As a result, we are getting an influx of customers asking for advice on toilet training.

  • Jun 24
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    How to trim your pet's nails at home

    Trimming your pet’s nails yourself can be a little daunting. Therefore, it’s really important that you prepare ahead of time to make it a smooth as possible both for you and for your furbaby.

  • May 20
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    Understanding eco terminology

    There are a lot of views on what sustainability is and how it can be achieved, but essentially the word sustainability can be defined as the ability to maintain a healthy environment, social and economic systems indefinitely, on a local and global scale. But, the words sustainable and sustainability have slightly different meanings and can’t be interchanged.