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  • Nov 27

    The Definitive Guide to Correctly Feeding Your New Puppy

    A new puppy is a great addition to any family. If this is the first cuddly addition to yours, congratulations! Life with a new puppy is a rewarding and exciting experience. But alongside that excitement comes some serious responsibilities.

  • Nov 15
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    Pup misbehaving? It might be separation anxiety…

    We often speak to customers who are getting tired of their dog misbehaving. The first question we ask is how much time they spend with their pup, to see if their naughty behaviour might actually be separation anxiety.

  • Nov 06
    • 50

    Protecting your pet during firework season

    With Diwali, Christmas, and New Year on the horizon firework season is upon us. For most of us humans this is a time of celebration and joy, but for our furbabies, it can be quite the opposite.

  • Oct 23
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    The things in your kitchen that can harm your dog…

    Raisins, grapes, and chocolate are all well known to be off-limits to canines. But there are lots of other items in your kitchen that can pose as a risk to your furbaby, which you might not know about.

  • Oct 17
    • 73

    Is your cat getting enough moisture from his diet?

    Dehydration in cats can quickly become a big problem. If your cat doesn’t have enough water in his diet, he can get kidney problems.

    But don’t worry, there are a few simple things you can do.

  • Oct 10
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    How to change your dog's food in the right way

    A lot of pet parents aren’t aware that changing a dog’s food can result in him becoming sick if the switch isn’t done gradually. Dog’s stomachs get used to a particular food and changing it suddenly can cause all sorts of problems.

  • Oct 04

    Why we have launched our Unsung Heroes campaign

    At Pet’s Delight we are animal lovers first and foremost. Our goal is to provide the very best in nutrition for the pets in the region so that they can live a long and healthy life, and we care about our customer’s animals like they are our own family.

  • Sep 24
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    Could your pet be allergic to chicken?

    Most pet parents aren’t aware that the top most allergenic foods for dogs and cats are in fact chicken and beef. Food allergies in these animals are often overlooked or misdiagnosed, as it can be difficult for some people to ‘digest’ that pets could ever be allergic to these meats, as they’re the two most popular proteins in pet foods.

  • Sep 19
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    It’s time to lift the lid on confusing dog food packaging

    For us, good health starts with what we eat, and it’s the same for dogs. But finding the right nutritional balance can be difficult, particularly if your pup has tricky dietary requirements.

    Packaging can be confusing and even misleading, and the volume of choice and conflicting claims can leave you tired when trying to decipher the right food for your furbaby.

    So, we wanted to write our own guide to choose the best food for your dog.

  • Sep 12

    What does your cat’s meow mean?

    The main forms of communication for adult cats in the wild are through scent, facial expressions, complex body language, and touch.

    Meowing isn’t actually part of natural cat language. It would seem that it was developed to communicate with humans.