What You Need In Your Pet's First Aid Kit

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What You Need In Your Pet's First Aid Kit

7 Items You Need In Your Pet's First Aid Kit 

When emergency strikes, the last thing you want to be doing is scrambling for items you need to assist your pet. Give yourself and others in your household a piece of mind by assembling a handy pet first aid kit to make you feel more prepared in the event of an unfortunate situation. 

Here are the items to have stocked in your kit:

1. Emergency Contact Card

Keep a note of your vet’s contact details and a 24-hour emergency clinic, in case your vet is unavailable or closed. This is helpful to have especially if you have left your pet with a sitter who can access the details easily if necessary.

2. Bandages

These are a staple in any pet first aid kit. In many cases, the bandage you use after an injury will only be temporary, but it serves a crucial role in avoiding contamination until the wound can be looked at by your vet.

3. Blunt-Tipped Scissors

Whether you are removing hair near an injury, or applying bandages, scissors are always useful to have on hand. Blunt-tipped are recommended as you don’t want to accidentally catch your pet if you are cutting close to the skin.

4. Tweezers

Like the scissors, these are helpful to include should you need to remove sharp objects from your pet, like glass. Tweezers are a safer and more sanitary choice from removing sharp foreign objects.

5. Antiseptic Wipes

Wipes are a convenient way to help sterilise your pets wound to help minimise the risk of infection. Be sure to look for pet-friendly antiseptic wipes to ensure they are safe.

6. Sterile Eye Solution

Eye injuries can be a really serious emergency, always consult your vet before attempting any treatment at home. If advised by your vet that you need to flush your pet’s eye, you will want a good solution on hand. While most generic eyewashes are suitable for use on your pet, there are some in the market specifically designed for the needs of dogs and cats.

7. Medications

Depending on your pets’ specific needs, there may be certain medications that are worth keeping in your kit, but be sure to keep an eye on expiration dates. Additionally, to prescription meds, stocking standard remedies like styptic powder which is used to stop mild bleeding - useful in the event of a broken nail, or when a nail has been cut too close to the quick.


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