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Pup misbehaving? It might be separation anxiety…

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Pup misbehaving? It might be separation anxiety…
Nov 15
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We often speak to customers who are getting tired of their dog misbehaving. The first question we ask is how much time they spend with their pup, to see if their naughty behaviour might actually be separation anxiety.

We’re all pretty busy in the UAE, so separation anxiety is a common issue

A lot of pup parents work all day, which means long periods alone for their dogs. Some common signs of separation anxiety are the destruction of furniture, urinating or defecating in the house, excessive barking or howling, pacing, or even trying to escape.

This might come across as bad behaviour, but your furbaby might really be struggling.

What to do if your dog is suffering from separation anxiety

 Emotional and prolonged goodbyes might help you, but they certainly won’t help your dog. He’ll likely pick up on your emotions and become stressed (or more stressed if he was already). Keep it short, and say a five-minute goodbye when you leave.

 Dogs often feel calmer when they can hear a human voice, so leaving the radio or TV on during the day can help to keep them company, and in turn, calm.

 There are loads of toys in the market to increase mental stimulation, which will keep your pup occupied. Giving it to him before you leave will distract him as you walk out, and hopefully, he’ll be busy for a little while before he even notices you’re gone.

 Check out our previous blog for a couple of others things you can do to keep your pup happy and safe when you’re not home.

• The ideal option, if you have the budget, is to opt for daycare for your pup. One of the main benefits of doggie daycare is that it relives separation anxiety, but there are many other upsides:

  • Relives boredom
  • Means he will get the right amount of exercise
  • Provides an incredible opportunity for your pup to socialize o Gives you peace of mind that your furbaby is happy and safe.

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