Pet-friendly decorating mistakes you might be making

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Pet-friendly decorating mistakes you might be making
Aug 06
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Pet-friendly decorating mistakes you might be making



Living with pets can be a little messy, which is a challenge when you’re house-proud. There are some things you can do/avoid to live in better harmony with your pets and help keep your home in order.




Having pale or light coloured carpets


It’s not rocket science that having a white carpet is probably not the best idea when you have pets. Canine traffic will muddy light coloured carpets quickly, so unless you’re hot on wiping your pet's paws down you will have to replace the carpet soon enough.


If you must have a lighter coloured carpet try and incorporate large rugs to cover the main spaces where your pets might go.


Choosing the wrong paint

The likelihood is that your pets will rub against walls or shake after they’ve been outside. Flat and eggshell paints typically don’t stand the test of time if they are scrubbed, so opt instead for a semi-glass or enamel paint that’s much easier to clean.


Opting for a dark couch


You might believe that darker coloured furniture is safer when you have pets. But the opposite tends to be true for your couch. Dark colours will highlight fur, dusty paw prints, and sand. A slipover is your best friend if your pets are regularly on your couch as they’re machine washable. Microfiber would be another good option as it’s more resistant to odors and more durable due to the tight weave.




Have some pet furniture dotted around

Getting furniture for your pet is a good idea to avoid having him scratch at your curtains or chew on your wooden coffee table. Cat scratchers and trees and pet beds are all well and good, but going a step further and getting your pet their own human-sized furniture such as a chair will make him less likely to go near furniture you’re more precious about.


Cat Scratching Post



Set up a pet area near an entry to your home

If you have space, having a dedicated area for cleaning your dog down after he’s been outside is ideal. Here you need a hard floor, shelves for towels, and hooks for leads and harnesses. This will take away the stress of coming in after you’ve been outside with your dog and being concerned about him running mud or sand through your home.


Have plenty of toys for chewing

The majority of pets like to chew and play, and to avoid them doing this to your furniture it’s a good idea to have plenty of durable toys that can take some chewing and scratching. Kong has a lot of durable options for both dogs and cats that should keep them busy, and away from your new furniture.


Kong Chew Toys