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How to choose the right KONG for your dog

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How to choose the right KONG for your dog
Sep 30
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How to choose the right KONG for your dog

No two dogs are the same, they all have their own personalities and habits, but one thing they all have in common is their need/urge to chew. To stop them from chewing your furniture and belongings, you have to provide your dog with his or her own chew toys.


One of the best chew toys for any kind of dog is a KONG.


What is different about KONG?


KONG has a variety of different toy options for many different occasions, making them a favourite among pet owners. Whether you’re looking for something durable like the KONG Classic, cuddley like a plush toy, or a rope for playing tug-of-war – KONG has you covered.


How do you choose the right KONG for your dog?


Finding the right toy for your dog can be a fair bit of trial and error. If you can it’s best to invest in a few options and then stock up on the ones your pup gets on with the best. As a rule of thumb, plush toys are good for team-play, and the durable treat-dispensing toys are better for alone-time.


To choose the right size KONG you need to consider your dog’s age, size, and chewing habits.


If your pup is small he’ll need something that sits comfortably with his small jaw. The KONG Classic, for example, comes in many different sizes such as X-small (for pets up to five pounds) and small (for pets up to 20 pounds).


Larger dogs have bigger jaws, which means they need a larger size KONG. If you’re ever unsure, size up.


Another important thing to take into consideration when choosing your dog’s new toy: how powerful your pup’s chew is. If your dog has a powerful bite, no matter what size or weight he is, go for the KONG Extreme.


Why do we recommend the KONG Classic the most?


We love the KONG Classic because it’s a versatile toy and fairly durable. Putting a treat in the KONG makes it an interactive toy for your dog, it can also be a fun toy to throw as it’s shaped makes it bounce in different directions, plus you can create fun recipes.


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