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Is your dog’s food affecting his mood?

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Is your dog’s food affecting his mood?
Feb 06
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If your furball’s mood has suddenly changed and you’re wondering why, one of the first things you should consider is the food he eats, particularly if you have recently changed it to something new.

Low-quality (and often cheaper) pet foods contain fillers such as grain products, or are low in protein – all which can have an impact on your canine’s mood.

Aggression and hyperactivity are often associated with the ingredients in your dog’s food, too.

Some of the ways that your dog’s behavior can change due to diet are:

  •           Aggression
  •           Depression
  •           Hyperactivity


Similar to humans, if your canine is eating an unbalanced diet he might become irritable or aggressive. If his food is high in filler ingredients then he might be experiencing discomfort, which could translate into aggression.

Look for healthy and natural foods that don’t contain lots of corn, soybeans, sugar, or wheat, as these kinds of ingredients can cause a quick rise in blood sugar levels followed by a drop – which can easily impact your pup’s mood.



Did you know that protein deficiency could cause depression in your dog?

When choosing your pup’s food, make sure it is high in protein and low in carbohydrates, which your dog doesn’t actually need to be healthy. Quality animal protein is the best choice for your furry friend.



Certain breeds are prone to having more energy, but that doesn’t mean it’s normal if your dog is constantly hyperactive – it’s also quite a challenge for us pet parents to handle.


If your dog is showing the following symptoms he may be suffering from hyperactivity:

  •          Frenetic activity
  •          Abnormally short attention span
  •          Being overbearing
  •          High level of impulsiveness
  •         Attention-seeking behavior

Sugar is often the cause of hyperactivity and changing your dog’s diet is a good idea. Make sure you read the nutrition labels on your dog’s food so you know exactly what you are feeding him.


Struggle to understand pet food labeling? You’re not alone, that’s why we wrote a handy guide, find it here: It’s time to lift the lid on confusing dog food packaging


Coping with a moody dog can be hard for pet parents, particularly those with a family. If you can’t put your dog’s bag moods down to his food, it is worth consulting your vet or a dog trainer – we recommend speaking to Pawfect Behaviour - to see how they can help.