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  • Jul 21
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    Why you should avoid buying pet store puppies

    In 2011 the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) launched their “No Pet Store Puppies” campaign after research found that 78% of consumers in the US are unaware that most puppies sold in pet stores come from large-scale commercial breeding operations – also known as puppy mills.

  • Jul 03
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    Is your overweight dog struggling to lose weight?

    Helping your dog lose weight can be challenging, and it’s tough when you feel like you’re doing everything you can and the pounds won’t budge.

  • Jun 23
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    Ask our nutritionist!

    In every issue of our Pet’s Delight Magazine our in-house nutritionist, Sam, answers questions sent in by our customers. 

  • Jun 11
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    Complete or complementary pet food? What is the difference?

    There are many things for our customers to consider when choosing the right food for their pets. Maybe your dog has allergies, or your cat really isn’t taking to salmon – there’s also the debate about raw food vs dry food, and whether your pet needs wet food, too.

  • May 15
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    Preparing your pet for your new baby

    Expecting a baby is an exciting time for the whole family. But for your pet, the changes can be confusing and he might start to wonder what’s happening, he’s used to being the center of attention after all.

  • Apr 25
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    Quick Guide for New Dog Parents

    Thinking of bringing home a new dog? There are many reasons why we want new pets. But are you ready for the privilege and responsibility that comes with pet ownership?

  • Apr 24
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    At what age does your kitty become a senior cat?

    Modern medicine means that our beloved cats are living longer and better lives than ever before. And with the population of senior cats on the rise, it’s important that as cat parents we learn how to care for them in their golden years.

  • Apr 15
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    Depression in Dogs

    As the world is becoming more and more aware of mental health issues in humans, are we forgetting about our little pooches too?  Have you ever wondered if dogs are prone to depression?

  • Apr 09
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    Why Canagan?

    Many dogs and cats have food intolerances and can’t digest grain due to the lack of salivary amylase. All Canagan food is grain free, making it easier to digest and keeping your pet fuller for longer.

  • Apr 07
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    Why Fish 4 Dogs?

    With so many dog food brands out there, what makes Fish4Dogs and Fish4Cats so special?