10 Cat Myths, BUSTED!

10 Cat Myths, BUSTED!
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10 Cat Myths, BUSTED!

10 Cat Myths, BUSTED!

We know there’s a lot out there that can be overwhelming and can often lead to a misconception about your feline friend, and these Top 10 myths are often accepted as facts. The truth is, taking them as a fact can possibly endanger your cat’s life.


1. You can’t train a cat

When we think of agility or tricks, cats aren't really the first ones we would think of, but guess what, they can be trained! Training your kitty the right way can eventually strengthen the bond between you both.

2. It’s okay for my cat to eat leftovers

Most parents don’t mind their cats jumping on the kitchen counter and chowing down on any leftover scraps from dinner. Eating leftovers or scrap can not only encourage bad behaviour and turn into a habit but it can potentially, be harmful too. It can also cause diarrhea, as cats don't cope well with sudden diet changes as well as the seasoning and spices we add to our food.

3. They always land on their feet

You may be astonished by your cat’s talent to superficially land on his feet every time he falls. Some cats do have an incredible talent to transform their position during a fall so they can land on their feet on the ground first.  It’s their tail that supports them to do this, but there are always chances that a cat can miss and actually fall to the ground, especially if they’re falling from a great height or if they’ve been pushed all of a sudden.  

4. Milk is a great treat for your cat

We might think a bowl of milk cannot do any harm to a cat. While kittens gain nourishment from their mother’s milk, the milk of other species is difficult for them to digest.  Most cats are actually lactose intolerant as they don't have the enzyme (lactase) in their intestines to digest these enzymes causing stomach ache, diarrhea or other gastrointestinal issues.

5. Cats that stay Indoor will not get any diseases

Another myth, that most parents fall into, is that, if their cat spends all day and night at home she won’t fall sick or be prone to diseases. In reality, cats can contract sickness, even if they don’t go outdoors. Studies show that indoor cats are unprotected from germs that travel through the air or stick to their owner's clothing, footwear, etc. You might also have a Dog who mostly goes outdoors, from where germs can make their way indoors. It’s best to make sure your house is disinfected at all times to ensure your cat doesn’t catch any illness.

6. They hate water

Well most cats do hate water when they’re forced into it, especially when it’s time for a bath. Truth is, many cats are actually captivated by water. They love to investigate it first, but will certainly not enjoy submerging themselves into it.

7. Cats only purr and wag their tail when they’re happy

It is quite a challenge to understand cats at times. Usually, a cat will wag their tail if they want to communicate with its owner. Just like us humans, they also try to communicate through different body language and vocals. As you spend more time with your kitty, you should eventually learn to understand what your cat is trying to express or if he is in pain.

8. They can eat a little Chocolate

Just like canines, even a small amount of chocolate can be lethal for cats. It contains high levels of theobromine, which is toxic to both cats and dogs. Most cats won’t eat it themselves, but some owners may think they’re giving their Cat’s a treat. If not monitored it can lead to serious health conditions.

9. My Cat doesn’t really need to exercise

Cats, especially those who live indoors, need daily exercise.  You can engage your kitty in play with interactive toys, or by training her to walk on a harness and leash. This will also help keep your cat at healthy weight range.

10. Cats are Independent and great if you aren’t home often

Although most cats are quite independent, they do need constant care and companionship. Leaving them home alone for long periods can affect their emotional or physical health. If you have to be out for long, we recommend using a cat sitter or someone that can come and comfort your kitty in your absence.


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