Tribal Dental Sticks Large Dog Treats 7x25g

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Enhance your dog's oral health with Tribal Dental Sticks Large Dog Treats, specially formulated for dogs over 15kg. Powered by PhytoDent™, a unique seaweed complex recommended by veterinarians, these dental sticks are designed to maintain teeth and gums while providing fresh breath.

Product Features:
• PhytoDent™ Seaweed Complex: Supports healthy gums and reduces plaque formation.
• Vegan and Grain-Free: Suitable for all dogs, including those with dietary sensitivities.
• Natural Ingredients: Made without added sugars or artificial ingredients.
• Low in Fat: Keeps your dog healthy while maintaining oral hygiene.
• Enhanced Taste: Includes coconut oil for flavour and peppermint for fresh breath.

Technical Details/Specifications:
• Dog Size: Suitable for dogs over 15kg
• Usage: 1 stick per day for best results
• Duration: Visible results within 4 weeks
• Key Ingredients: PhytoDent™ Seaweed Complex, coconut oil, peppermint
• Sustainability: Made with sustainably harvested seaweed from Ireland

Feed 1 dental stick per day, preferably after the last meal. Suitable for dogs from 6+ months. Always provide fresh water and store in a cool, dry place.

Potato, vegetable glycerine, nutritional yeast, coconut oil, peppermint powder, PhytoDent™ (seaweed meal 2.6%).

Analytical Constituents/Analysis:
Crude protein 4.89%, crude fat 4.72%, crude fibre 1.7%, crude ash 1.99%, M.E. 379.2 kcal/100g, 95 kcal per stick.

Feeding Instructions:
For best results, feed your dog 1 Tribal Dental Stick per day for a minimum of 4 weeks. This product is a complementary food for dogs aged 6 months and older. Ensure fresh water is always available. No artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives. Grain-free and vegan for a healthier choice.

Transition Tips:
Introduce the dental sticks gradually into your dog’s diet to ensure they adapt well. Monitor your dog's oral health and adjust feeding as needed.

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