Savic Puppy Trainer Starter

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The Puppy Trainer Starter Kit provides you with a tray, to protect your floor and prevent seepage and 7 training pads to absorb moisture.

These useful pads can be placed in the home or in your dog crate or carrier to stop any leaking accidents.

The Puppy Trainer training pads help your puppy to become toilet trained. They also provide an elimination area for indoor confined and ill grown dogs. The pads can also be used in dog crates and pet carriers. Pad surface dry in 30 seconds, Paws stay dry and clean, Locks in moisture and odour.

AED : 136.50

The Savic Puppy Trainer Starter Set contains a slip-proof, waterproof plastic tray and matching pads. The tray works as additional protection from wet spots on your floor and is the ideal place for your puppy to relieve itself as it becomes house trained.

Place your puppy on the toilet or guide it to the toilet when it becomes restless, then reward your puppy after successful use. Change the pads after each use to make sure your pet feels clean and comfortable on the tray. When your puppy is using the pads regularly, gradually move the toilet closer to the door and eventually outside, once your puppy is fully house-trained.

Highlights of the Savic Puppy Trainer Starter Set:

  • Ideal for puppy training
  • Also suitable for sick or elderly dogs
  • Waterproof plastic tray:
    • Prevents wet spots on your floor
    • Low entrance
    • Slip-resistant rubber nubs on the base
  • With water- and odour-absorbent pads:
    • For cleanliness and freshness during toilet training
    • Filled with absorbent gel
    • Soft surface dries in only 30 seconds, for clean and dry paws
    • Simply fix between the base and edges of the tray
    • Also great for use in travel carriers and crates
  • Available in different sizes

Sizes of the Puppy Trainer:

Size Interior Exterior Height
Medium 46.5 x 33.5 cm (L x W) 37 x 25 cm (L x W) 4cm
Large 62.5 x 47.5 cm (L x W) 53 x 37 cm (L x W) 4cm
XL 94.5 x 64.5 cm (L x W) 87 x 56 cm (L x W) 4cm
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