Savic Cottage Dog Crate

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AED : 194.25

Benefits of the Dog Cottage:

  • Dog Cottage is a collapsible metal wire dog crate in black e-coating.
  • housetraining your puppy
  • offering a safe way for transporting your dog
  • preventing your dog from chewing and damaging your home
  • safeguarding a puppy or dog from potentially dangerous household items such as toxic cleaning chemicals and electrical wires
  • providing a place to keep your dog while recuperating from an injury or illness
  • providing a secure place to sleep, your dog will use the crate as a retreat, just like its own home in your home


50CM50cm x 30cm x 36.5cm
61CM - 61cm x 44cm x 50cm
76CM - 76cm x 49cm x 55cm
91CM - 91cm x 57cm x 62cm
107CM - 107cm x 72cm x 79cm
118CM - 118cm x 77cm x 84cm

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