Rogz Lounge Pod Grey Dog Bed

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Give your dog a night to remember with one of our top quality ripstop Flat Podz.
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Poodle, Jack Russel, Dachshund
Staffie, Bulldog, Scotty, Spaniel
Doberman, Labrador, Dalmation, Boxer
ripstop-material  Easy Zipoff
Removable covers now have zips for
easy washing.
washable  Two in one design
Two sides to the cushion offers you the choice of different looks.
water-resistant  Comfortable
Destined to get your dog into the
sleep zzzzone.
dirt-resistant  Washable
Cleans easily in the washing machine.
two-in-one-design  High Durability
Double stitched seams with premium materials such as YKK zips are long lasting.

Lounge Pod
L x W x H

SMALL 56 cm x 35 cm x 22 cm
MEDIUM 76 cm x 51 cm x 24 cm
LARGE 90 cm x 59 cm x 27 cm
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