Hownd Yup You Stink! Shampoo

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AED : 50.51

Yup You Stink! Conditioning Shampoo contains a natural grime-busting formula for dogs that get extra smelly! Through a combination of eucalyptus and cedarwood essential oils, and gentle odour neutralisers, this conditioning shampoo helps deodorise dogs and absorb strong odours from fox poo, cow dung, dirt and grime.

It’s ideal for those dogs that love to roll in stinky stuff – and will wash off urine, grease and tear stains too!

The antibacterial properties of this product provide a deep, yet gentle, clean to a dog’s skin and coat. Its pH-balanced formula contains wheat protein, oat kernel, argan oil and aloe vera leaf juice. This nourishes, conditions and softens the skin and coat, leaving a wonderful glossy sheen.

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