Hownd Hero Bowl Dog

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AED : 73.50

Small (S) 18cm / 7.08 inch (450 ML / 1.90 US Cups)
Large (L) 23 cm / 9.05 inch (1.0 Litres/ 4.23 US Cups)

Did you know your dogs food & water bowls are usually the fourth dirtiest surfaces in your home?

Around 67% come out of the dishwasher and may still have traces of salmonella.*

The HERO Bowl from Hownd has been scientifically proven to prevent the growth of over 99% of common bacteria, mould and fungi as well as MRSA and Ecoli, thanks to its silver ion technology.

This bowl is ideal for those with multiple pets, feeding raw, and families with young children.

It is made from recyclable polypropylene, and is dishwasher safe.

*(According to the NSF - National Sanitation Foundation

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