Flamingo Cooling Bandana

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AED : 26.50

Cooling bandana Fresk L: 15 - 25 cm S

Cooling collar - neither water nor a refrigerator are required. In summer you should always have this practical cooling bandana with you - it cools quickly and all by itself due to its gel filling. The gel filling is non-toxic and comfortably soft. If the coolling effect decreases, the cooling bandana only needs to be put at a cold place like a shadow or a tiled floor - it recovers after a short time and then cools again. The colder the place, the quicker the cooling collar is able to cool again! It cools with a comfortable temperature which is 3 - 4° lower than the body temperature. Can be used as often as required. Immediately ready for use. Cooling gel activitates itself under pressure (no refrigerator required). After removing the gel cools down again (after approx. 15 minutes).

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