Applaws Wet Food

It can be a challenge to get your kitty drinking enough water throughout the day. This is one reason why it's recommended to feed wet food as well as dry food, as it helps you keep your cat hydrated.

Applaws wet cat foods are complete, meaning they contain all of the nutrients your kitty needs.

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Acana Dry Food

Some dry foods might seem above your budget, until you look at the feeding guidelines. Acana is so nutritious you can feed less than with many cheaper brands, so your money goes further.

When you work out how much you need to feed your pet based on his/her weight and exercise levels, brands like Acana can be a much more affordable option than supermarket brands that you need to feed a larger serving.

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Kong Single Scratcher

As a cat owner, you know that cats love to scratch! It's really important for the health of their nails that they have an outlet for scratching, but we understand that the corner of your sofa isn't the outlet you would choose.

The KONG incline scratcher allows your cat to take care of his/her nails without causing havoc with your furniture.

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