Thrive ProTaste Food Topper for Cat

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The healthy way to get your Cat eating!
We make the very best dry and wet foods for cats 
We know some of you feed your cats with prescription diets.
These foods can be very boring in terms of taste and with cats being cats we know that loads of you take a thrive cat treat and crumble it over their food as a food enhancer.
So we have made it easier for you to use and less expensive for you to buy.
ProTaste is JUST 100% Freeze dried chicken breast that we have milled to a powder!

100% Chicken breast in a convenient, safe and delicious form your cat will love on their food.
High protein for weight control & weight loss
Gluten Free & Grain Free, 
No sugars or salts
No added fillers or flavourings
No artificial preservatives or colours
No synthetic vitamins or minerals
No rendered by-products
Perfect for prescription diets and medicated meals

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