Rosewood Naturals Meadow Hay Cookies Small Animal Food 1kg

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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION - Rosewood Naturals Meadow Hay Cookies Small Animal Treats 1 Kg


Delicious, nutritious, and educational treats for rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, and degus are Rosewood Naturals Meadow Hay Cookies.

Each cookie has a variety of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that are crucial for your pet's digestive, dental, and general health and wellbeing. They are produced from a nutritious blend of 20 different grasses and meadow plants.

Rosewood products from our very own selection of delectable goodies are created exclusively to keep canines happy and engaged. No matter the age, size, breed, or preference of the dog, we offer something for them, from the Natural Eats line of 100% meat to Magic Bone non-rawhide treats.


Product Features:

  • • 20 distinct plant and grass species
  • • Supports oral health Ingredients: Meadow Hay and Plants
  • • High grade, fiber-rich, easy-to-feed cookies made from high-quality meadow hay
  • • Little waste, simple to store, and perfect for ensuring pets have enough hay to eat each day.
  • • Prevents excessive nail growth and expensive veterinary visits
  • • Most suitable for all rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, and degus




Ash 8.4%, Protein 14.9%, Fibre 26.3%, Oils 0.8%

Meadow Hay and Plants

Analytical Constituents/ Analysis:



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