Flamingo Veggie Adult Toothbrush Dog Treat

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Give your dog one of Flamingo’s Veggie Toothbrush Dog Treats that also support healthy gums and teeth. Natural care is provided by chewing and saliva. Guilt-free, low-fat snacking!

Product Features:
Supplementary Adult Dog Treat in the form of a toothbrush that is designed exclusively for brushing and caring for our pet's teeth. It acts as a supplement to provide a dog's teeth an excellent cleaning while also rewarding good behavior. You get adequate amounts of magnesium and iron from it. Recommended for dogs over 3 kg in weight and of any breed.
- Two pieces are in the package.
- No grains.
- Null Added Sugar
- Oral health
- Unsuitable for puppies less than six months.

Technical details/ Specifications:
Type: Dog Treats


Sweet potato starch, pea flour, glycerin, cellulose powder, lecithin, dry brewer's yeasts, natural colour, and alfalfa extract.

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