World Mental Health Day: Mood-Boosting Tips for Your Pet

World Mental Health Day: Mood-Boosting Tips for Your Pet
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World Mental Health Day: Mood-Boosting Tips for Your Pet

World Mental Health Day: Mood-Boosting Tips for Your Pet


10th October marks the internationally recognised World Mental Health Day. This initiative was launched by The World Health Organization to raise awareness in support of mental health across the globe.

Did you know? Studies have found that owning a pet can help reduce our stress levels, anxiety and loneliness, amongst many more boosting benefits. Whilst owning a pet brings many families and individuals great joy in life, it is important we shine a light on how we can help support their mental health too!

Here are some tips to help boost your furry friends’ mood:


What They Eat

A happy cat starts with a healthy, balanced diet. Feeding your cat foods that are rich in minerals and antioxidants is important for their cognitive functions. If you’re looking to introduce your cat to a more complete diet, try out Applaws! Their recipes are made with a 100% natural, nutrient dense ingredients and available in wet and dry options.


A good scratching outlet is important to help relieve stress in your cat, along with helping them to shed dead claws. The Mochachino Scratching Post is a great addition to add around your home, featuring a rubber component which offers a different sensation experience.

Inherited Skills

Keep your cat mentally sharp to help reduce boredom through games and products that can encourage predatory skills. Try installing a window perch or cat tree in your home and have few toys around to engage your cat throughout the day. The Fauna Palucco Play Tower is not only great to look at, but also it features separate sections that your cat will love to play in and use!



Providing your dog with good daily exercise is not only beneficial for managing their weight, but it improves their digestive and joint health too!

What They Eat

Just like many other pets, diet can have a big impact on your dog’s mental health. Not only is it good to look at what you are feeding them to ensure they are getting the best benefits from their food, it’s important to limit their intake of human food too. If you’re on the lookout for a change in your dogs diet, try ZiwiPeak! Their recipes are packed with plenty of high-quality ingredients, added with superfoods for a nutritional boost. You can opt for a free sample packet at checkout when you spend over AED200.

Engaging Games

Games not only beat the boredom, but build a strong bond between you and your dog. Spend a few minutes every day playing games with your dog; keep them varied so they stay exciting.

For the times when you aren’t around, try interactive toys. These toys are designed to help keep your dog busy while you’re away, stave off boredom, and stimulate their natural curiosity. The KONG Classic Toy is perfect to stuff with tasty dog treats and spreads to keep them active.



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