Why Canagan?

Why Canagan?

Why Canagan?


  • Grain free
  • The right Carbohydrate
  • High levels of fresh human grade meat & fish.
  • Strong joint health compounds
  • Suitable for all life-stages
  • Salmon oil is included in most recipes
  • All cat food pouches & tins are complete
  • Uniquely cooked
  • Lower daily feeding guides = lower prices for our customers


The benefits of grain free

Many dogs and cats have food intolerances and can’t digest grain due to the lack of salivary amylase.  All Canagan food is grain free, making it easier to digest and keeping your pet fuller for longer.

The right carbohydrates

Not all carbohydrates are weighted the same.  Canagan uses sweet potatoes, which are a good source of Vitamins A & C and rich in antioxidants.  Sweet potatoes are some of the best quality carbs for pets, as they are a fantastic source of soluble fiber and provide a slow and steady release of energy with a low Glycemic index.

All Canagan recipes are up-to 80% animal ingredients:

-  Canagan’s fresh chicken is 100% free range and is lovingly reared in Norfolk, England. Free to roam, forage and play as they wish, the chickens are raised to Freedom Food Standards.

-  The pristine waters of Little Loch Broom, Scotland, is where Canagan’s fresh salmon is hand reared to RSPCA Freedom Food Standards. Totally free from antibiotics or growth hormones, the salmon is raised in salt water by the family run Wester Ross Salmon Farm.

-  Canagan’s venison is 100% free range, too, fed naturally on a diet of wild grass and vegetables. High in protein and low in fat, venison is an excellent ingredient for supporting healthy muscle growth.

-  Grass fed and free to roam, the fresh lamb is sourced from local British farms. Free from growth promoting hormones, the fresh lamb is produced to a human food standard and is an excellent source of highly digestible protein.

Canagan recipes contain botanicals

These natural ingredients have medicinal properties:

CHAMOMILE: Helps to reduce stress and has a calming effect

CRANBERRY: Is rich in Vitamin C and helps promote a healthy urinary tract

MARIGOLD: Promotes anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties, stimulating the production of white blood cells & strengthening the immune system

PEPPERMINT: Is used as a natural flavor and is known to promote a healthy digestive system.

Joint Health

Canagan uses up to 1,700mg/kg of Glucosamine and MSM & 1,200mg/kg of Chondroitin Sulphate.  More than any other pet food out there!

Suitable for all Lifestages

Canagan is so nutritionally complete, it can be fed to puppies or kittens from weaning. Just as in the wild, young and old can share the same diet, as it is rich in real meat sourced proteins – just make sure you follow the feeding guidelines.

Salmon Oil

High levels of salmon oil are included in the diet, providing an excellent source of omega 3 for skin & coat as well as DHA for cognitive function.

Free From

Canagan is great not just for what they put in, but what they leave out:

The recipes are free from:

•  Genetically Modified Ingredients
•  Artificial colours
•  Artificial flavours
•  Dairy
•  Synthetic Antioxidants

Uniquely Cooked

Canagan uses a low and slow cooking technique for its dry food where temperatures don’t exceed 150*C, lower than your oven at home!  This ensures all nutrients and integral qualities of raw materials are kept.

Wet foods are gently steam cooked

Canagan biscuits are hand baked in small batches and slow baked in wood-fired carbon neutral ovens by skilled artisan bakers

Low daily feeding guidelines

Canagan’s high quality ingredients mean a lower daily feeding amount for cats and dogs, making it easier on your purse!


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