What To Do If Your Pet Is Lost & How To Prevent It

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What To Do If Your Pet Is Lost & How To Prevent It

What Every Pet Parent Should Know

What To Do If Your Pet Is Lost & How To Prevent It

Every prevention step we as pet owners take goes a long way in keeping our furry friends safe and sound at home. While we know that even the most cautious pet parents can’t always prevent the worst from happening, there are many steps you can take to not only keep your furry friend from escaping, but to make it much easier to locate them if they do get lost.

Firstly, it is important to prepare for the unexpected in any case your pet does get lost. Make sure:

  • Your pet is registered with the Municipality and has a valid tag
  • Vaccination records are up-to-date 
  • Your pet is wearing a secure collar 
  • ID tag with contact and address details is attached to the collar
  • They are microchipped by a reliable vet clinic

We may wonder why our pets decide to run away in the first place and where they go. Opportunity, boredom, separation anxiety, unfamiliar surroundings could be some of the key reasons. If you have moved to a new place, your pet may escape trying to find their way back to their previous home. Others may wander away from home in search of a mate!

​​In some cases, pets can still escape even after prevention methods are followed by their owners.

What should we then do to make sure they return home safely? 

  1. If you live in a residential community, direct a thorough search within the area. Head to the security and notify them to quickly scan surveillance cameras (if any) for you to start searching in the right direction. 
  2. Gather friends or family to help and check if your neighbours may have seen your pet wander in the area. Be sure to take some pictures of your pet along for them to identify and keep an eye out. 
  3. Turn to social media and spread the word. There are plenty of UAE- based Facebook groups such as Dogs in Dubai, Pets for Adoption/Lost & Found in UAE, Abu Dhabi Missing Pets, Dubai Pet Lost and Found, and Dinkys Lost and Found Cats. Many pet owners in the region are active members of these groups and they might spot your little one.
  4. Create flyers that contain your pet’s pictures, detailed description, your contact details, reward (optional) and put them up on residential notice boards, local stores, vet clinics in the area and anywhere you think your pet is likely to go. 
  5. Reach out to local newspapers to spread further awareness.

If you have been reunited with your furry friend it is important not to take your anger and frustration out on them. Creating a negative experience in the moment could make it harder to get hold of them if they escape again. Instead, give your pet cuddles and calm them to make it clear that coming home is a good thing!

Training your pet is key to preventing them from escaping or getting lost. When you train your pet, you establish a line of communication with him. It will ultimately strengthen your bond with each other and greatly increase your chance of gaining control in an emergency.




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