Things you should know about shelter dogs

Things you should know about shelter dogs
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Things you should know about shelter dogs

Things you should know about shelter dogs

Dogs are unconditionally loving friends, companions, and family members. Sadly, there are many misconceptions about shelter dogs. During the holy month of Ramadan, we want to give back to shelter pups in need and shed some light on some interesting facts, in the hope that you might consider adopting a shelter dog if you're looking for a furry friend to bring into your family...

1. There are many dogs needing homes

Sadly, more and more dogs are needing homes. The UAE has a stray challenge, which shelters like K9 Friends try tirelessly to keep under control.

2. Puppies are waiting for loving homes too

There is a common misconception that it's only older dogs that need homes. In reality, many stray dogs give birth to puppies which are then picked up by wonderful rescuers. Pups need to reach a certain age before you can adopt them from K9 Friends, but they often have wonderful puppies waiting for their forever family.

3. Shelters dogs aren't always difficult

When you adopt or foster a dog from a shelter, sometimes their history is known, and sometimes it isn't. Shelter staff can tell you what they have observed about each dog, and recommend the kind of household where they would be a good fit. Some pups have had a harder time than others, and usually these are frightened rather than aggressive (which is a common misconception). In any case, the team at the shelter can advise you on the best furry friend for your household and lifestyle.

4. The same level of training is required for a rescue dog as a dog not from a shelter

We are yet to meet a pet parent that hasn't had to put some work into training their furry friend. Usually, a bit of research and advice from fellow pet owners is enough to get you by. In other cases, you might need to take on a professional for a brief time. The same principles generally apply to shelter dogs as normal dogs. They need training and patience

5. An older dog might be the best option for your lifestyle

Many pet lovers assume they want a puppy when they start their search for their furry friend. What they may not realise, is that puppies can take a lot of work. If you work long hours, have small children, or generally have a fast-moving schedule, training and looking after a puppy is going to be hard to fit in. Older dogs are often a brilliant fit for those who would love a companion but don't necessarily have the time to give a puppy the extra care, exercise, and training that they usually require. Older dogs are usually sleepy, need less walking, and are far more placid.


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