Preparing your pet for your new baby

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Preparing your pet for your new baby
May 15
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Preparing your pet for your new baby


Expecting a baby is an exciting time for the whole family. But for your pet, the changes can be confusing and he might start to wonder what’s happening, he’s used to being the center of attention after all.

Even the calmest and most friendly dog or cat could act jealous once a baby arrives, here are some ways you can prevent rivalry between your furbaby and your newborn.


If you know any babies, bring them over

If you have friends or family with babies and small children, it’s a good idea to introduce your pet to them so they can get used to the noise, sounds, and smells. No matter how calm your pet is, remember to never leave him alone with a child, there will always be an element of unpredictability with animals.


Training is a great investment

Training your pet will make him less likely to unintentionally harm your new baby. If your pet normally jumps on the coach or is used to playing aggressively with his toys – he won’t be able to do this once the baby comes along.


Introduce new sleeping arrangements/litter stations before the baby arrives

When a new baby is coming you will need to change the layout of your home in some way. If this is going to impact your pet e.g. your dog's bed will be put somewhere else or you need to shift your litter station for your cat, introduce this before the baby gets here to give him plenty of time to get used to it.


Take your pet for a medical checkup

There may be some vaccines you need to update so it’s important to get that done before the baby joins your family. You can also speak to your vet about anything you may need to change e.g. using a different flea or tick treatment that might be effective against pests but also safe to use around a baby.


Let your pet know the nursery is out of bounds

If your new baby will have his or her own room, it’s important to train your pet not to go inside as soon as possible. A baby gate is a great option for this.


Having a new baby in your family will take some getting used to for everyone – but try not to worry about your pet, he will adjust to the new addition to the family soon enough.