Pet Supplies Special Offers & What To Know Before Getting A Cat

Pet Supplies Special Offers & What To Know Before Getting A Cat
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Pet Supplies Special Offers & What To Know Before Getting A Cat

Things to Know Before You
Get a Cat in Dubai


How much money do I need to own a cat or cats in Dubai? Is it better to get a female or male cat? How can the pet fit into my lifestyle?

These are just a few of the questions you need to ask yourself before bringing home a new feline.

While they don’t need as much attention as dogs, cats still require care and love from their furparents. As the person they rely on, it is your responsibility to attend to their needs and offer them the same devotion they give you and nurture them for the rest of their lives.

From knowing your level of commitment to cats for adoption or sale, care costs, and pet supplies special offers, and how such a pet will fit into your lifestyle, here are four things you should know before getting a feline pet in Dubai:


1. How much time you can commit to your pet cat

Cats live a long time. They may even live through a child’s adolescent period or up to 20 years. This means that you must commit for the same length of time if you decide to take on a feline pet.

Your relationship with your pet is for the long haul, so make sure you are completely okay with this before you make the decision. It would be sad if you adopt a cat today, only to leave them behind in the near future should you decide to leave the United Arab Emirates permanently.

That said, you must make sure that your pet is included in all your long-term plans, whether it will be living in another country or starting a new family. This will ensure your furry family member doesn’t become a stray cat or end up as a new addition to the animal shelter later.

Remember: Pets aren’t disposable.


2. How much money you can spare for pet care

Cat supplies in Dubai – or anywhere else, for that matter – require a significant amount of investment. You have to make sure you’ve already researched the costs of owning a cat and determined whether it fits your budget before you even consider bringing a pet home.

If you decide to adopt a kitten, keep in mind that you’ll have to shell out money to take care of them properly. You’ll also have to pay for their medical needs, including deworming, vaccinations, and other routine vet care.

If you adopt from a shelter, you should be able to save money as they may have already performed some of the basic services necessary to keep the animal healthy. Just remember that an older cat may require more veterinary care.

Jot down all possible short- and long-term expenses for your new pet to avoid unpleasant surprises and save up for their future medical needs.


3. How the cat will fit into your family

If you live with your family, make sure they are ready to have a pet.

Ideally, nobody should have any cause to reject the cat, like having pet dander allergies or any other cat-related sensitivities. If someone is allergic, make sure that treating the sensitivity comes first, not giving up on the cat.

Also, identify who will take care of the new four-legged member of your family. Besides feeding and petting, cats also need to be groomed. Their litter boxes need to be emptied and cleaned as well.

Many parents say that pets are their kids’ responsibility but end up doing the chores themselves. Be realistic. Although you can encourage children to help, there should be an adult who will take full responsibility for the pet care before the adoption.


4. What type of cat will suit your lifestyle

Like people, cats behave differently from one another. They have their own personalities, but not all may fit your lifestyle.

When choosing a cat to bring home, make sure you consider two important things:


5. Cat Personality and Temperament

Although they look cute and cuddly, some cats fit better into a specific lifestyle than others. Because of this, you must prioritise the feline’s personality over its looks.

Different cats fit different people, particularly their available space at home. A placid kitty is preferable for those who live in a small apartment or studio.

Time is also an important factor. If you’re not home for long hours because of work, try to adopt a pair so that your cat will not be lonely.

If you’re adopting a homeless cat, ask foster pet parents about their likes, dislikes, and temperaments. As much as possible, try to spend time with cats to get a feel of their personality before adopting them.


6. Age

Besides personality, cats also have varying needs at different stages of their lives.

Kittens are more playful than adult cats, and senior cats tend to lounge about more than younger ones.

In other words, kittens:

  • Need your energy, time, and attention.
  • Get into more trouble than adult cats.
  • Should have someone to play with, especially if you leave home to work.
  • Don’t always get along well with older people or children.

On the other hand, adult cats are less destructive and have more stabilised personalities. They also don’t need as much attention as kittens do.

Try to bring home a new kitty about the same age as your existing cats, if you have any. Felines tend to accept new arrivals better when their ages are close.

If you have other pets, always consider whether the newcomer will be accepted before bringing them home.


Ready to Adopt?

Adopting kitties is an important decision that you must make after much consideration. Take your time and research as much as you can before adopting a new cat.

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