NEW YEAR, NEW PROMISES! 2022 Resolutions For Pet Parents

NEW YEAR, NEW PROMISES! 2022 Resolutions For Pet Parents
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NEW YEAR, NEW PROMISES! 2022 Resolutions For Pet Parents


2022 Resolutions For Pet Parents


The New Year is a perfect time for setting new goals. While we’re thinking about goals like losing weight, working harder to get a promotion, staying active or eating healthier, our pets are often overlooked in our New Year resolutions.

Our furry friends certainly bring us love and joy every day and their health and happiness should be among our top priorities for the New Year.

Here are some of our suggestions to get you started:

  1. Declutter your pet’s old toys. Take a fresh look at your pet’s toy collection and stop holding on to old or any germ-infested pet toys. Need toy inspiration? Check out our fun collection Here.
  2. Keep them active. Just like us, regular exercise along with a healthy diet is important to maintain your pet’s overall health and well being. Check out our blog on nutrition information for your pet: Pet's Delight Nutrition Advice.
  3. Measure your pet’s food every time! Overfeeding can lead to obesity, diabetes, joint-related conditions and more. 
  4. Enhance your knowledge of first aid for pets. Every pet parent should learn basic first aid especially in cases of an emergency.
  5. Try a new activity with your pet. Fun activities like yoga, hiking, swimming, kayaking, etc. mean great fun and getting more exercise too!
  6. Keep your pet’s ID tag and microchip details updated. This is the best way to ensure your pet makes their way home safely if lost. Treat them to a cute new tag from our selection (they come with free engraving too!) Shop Here.
  7. Learn new ways to train your pet. Training, especially the kind that involves agility and tricks, can maintain or improve good health.
  8. Schedule a check-up with your vet at least once a year to make sure your pet is healthy and does not have any underlying health issues.
  9. Groom your pet regularly. This helps remove excess fur from the coat and distribute oils from the skin to the fur, keeping the coat shiny and healthy. Update Your Grooming Kit.
  10.  Add more playtime to your routine. If not outdoors, engage your pet in little activities or puzzles indoors. 
  11. Create a safe environment for your pet. Make sure all potentially harmful substances, electrical wires and appliances are out of your pet’s reach.
  12. Look for more natural ways to take care of your pet’s health such as nutritious diet, supplements and healthy treats. Discover the goodness of ZiwiPeak, a nutritious food topper or fuss-free alternative to raw feeding for your pet. Find Out More.  


Head over to our blog for more pet reads to get you started for the new year!



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