Let’s get outside: Train and Walk Your Dog Month

Let’s get outside: Train and Walk Your Dog Month
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Let’s get outside: Train and Walk Your Dog Month

It’s January, which means a lot of us are kick-starting our new year’s resolutions. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the top four most popular New Year’s resolutions are around health and exercise:

  • 38% of people want to exercise more
  • 33% of people want to lose weight
  • 32% of people want to eat more healthily
  • 15% of people want to take a more active approach to health.

We’re all for this healthy approach to 2019, and we think we should be taking our beloved dogs along with us, which is why it’s quite fitting that January is Train and Walk Your Dog Month.


Here are our top buys for getting out, getting fit, and eating well for your furball.


Training your dog can be a real challenge. And whilst you’re in the midst of training, you might see your dog gaining weight due to the treats you’re providing when he does a good job. Although rewarding your dog is crucial to the training process, making sure you don’t compromise on his health is important, too. We have a number of healthier treats that you might want to switch to, one of our favourites is the new in Pets Unlimited Salmon Bones. Made with 60% salmon and free from salt, sugar, glycerine, or grains, they’re a delicious yet healthy treat for your dog.


It’s really important to protect your dog’s paws when walking or trekking. In the summer we worry about burning their paws on the hot floor, but with us going further afield in winter, or for longer treks, we need to also consider rocks and gravel that might hurt our pups. The Ruffwear Summit Trex boots are our top pick.


For some pups mobility can be a challenge, so getting out and about with him might be a rarity. The Pooch & Mutt Bones Supplement for Dogs is a natural supplement for joint comfort, mobility, and the development of strong bones. Ideal for aging or injured canines, this supplement will help relieve discomfort, making your doggo more likely to want to get outside.


Carrying a bowl and a water bottle when taking a long walk with your dog can be a real inconvenience, but it’s super important we keep our canines hydrated when out and about. The Flamingo Water Dispenser is a two in one water bottle and drinking bowl, to make it that bit easier to get out with your pup this January.


Hiking and trekking with your dog is one of life’s biggest joys, particularly when the UAE weather cools down for you to go out for longer. But taking your canine with you can be a messy affair. The Ruffwear Dirt Bag Seat Cover is one of our favourite accessories, it’s durable and waterproof yet comfortable for your pup – so after your walk he won’t be messing up the backseat of your car.


A harness has many benefits for your dog such as relieving pressure from one area of the neck to the back and the body, making it much more comfortable for your dog if he tends to pull. We recommend the Flamingo Art Harness.

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