Is your overweight dog struggling to lose weight?

Is your overweight dog struggling to lose weight?

Is your overweight dog struggling to lose weight?

Is your overweight dog struggling to lose weight?

Here’s why



Helping your dog lose weight can be challenging, and it’s tough when you feel like you’re doing everything you can and the pounds won’t budge.

Here are some common reasons why your dog might not be losing weight.


He’s not burning the calories he’s consuming


Weight loss is usually simple maths – the calories your dog consumes should be less than the calories he is burning. A couple of extra kibbles every day builds up and soon your dog will become overweight.


If cutting back a little bit on your dog’s food doesn’t seem to be working, it’s time to the calorie count.


The easy thing here is that dogs tend to only consume one thing: kibble, which makes calorie counting pretty straightforward. Your vet can work with you on figuring out exactly how many calories your dog needs to keep him healthy whilst losing weight, or you can speak to our in-house pet nutritionist, Sam on


You might not be fully aware of everything he’s eating


The likelihood is that you either live with family or friends, or you at least have people at your place sometimes. Are they all on board with your pup’s weight loss programme? Often you can be doing everything in your power to help your dog lose weight, but it can all be undone by one of the kids, your partner or your friend sneaking him treats here and there.


Explain clearly to those around you the reasons why your dog is on a diet and how it will benefit him long-term. Show them exactly what he should be eating, you may need to portion it out if others have to feed him at mealtimes. Once everyone is on the same page he should lose weight in no time.


Living in a multi-pet household?


If you have multiple dogs or cats, you might not notice your dog gobbling up their food when you turn away.


It’s a good idea to feed your overweight dog separately to your other pets, or at least put their food bowls in places out of his reach.


Hormones could also be playing a role


If you have followed all of the above your suggestions and your dog still isn’t losing weight, it is time to consult a vet. There are some hormonal conditions like hypothyroidism or cushing’s syndrome that can make it impossible for an overweight dog to shed any weight. Some blood tests and an examination of your dog should be able to rule this out.


With a little patience and hard work, you should be able to help your pup lose weight and get him back on track with a healthy happy life in no time.

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