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Is pumpkin good for your cat?

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Is pumpkin good for your cat?
Oct 17
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Is pumpkin good for your cat?



Halloween is almost upon us and as pumpkins are everywhere it’s got us thinking, can our pets enjoy them too?


Whether your pumpkin carving, making a yummy pumpkin pie, or you’re just partial to the occasional pumpkin latte – we’re sure you enjoy it in some form this season. And yep, your kitty is likely to love it too!


The nutritional benefits of pumpkin for cats


The most well known benefit of pumpkin for your cat is for digestion. For the occasional hairball or abnormal stool, pumpkin can be an effective treatment.


Due to their high water content along with being packed with fiber, they hydrate the intestines and help with constipation. It’s the high fiber that also makes pumpkin aid hairball prevention.


On top of this, pumpkin can also help for treating diarrhea, as the soluble fiber helps absorb excess water in the bowels that weren’t absorbed properly by the body – therefore helping to calm diarrhea.


How much is too much?


Although pumpkin is a great source of vitamins and minerals, too, there is a limit to how much your cat should consume. It’s not known what the exact limit is, but a recommended amount would be 1 teaspoon for cats or ½ teaspoon for smaller cats and kittens, larger cats can have up to 4 teaspoons.


If your cat’s stools become orange, larger than usual and pudding-like in firmness, your cat has had too much.


If your cat has any serious medical issues like chronic kidney disease, always talk

to your vet first.


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