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In support of the new animal welfare legislation

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In support of the new animal welfare legislation
Dec 13

According to Khaleej Times, new legislation has been introduced by the UAE Ministry about animal welfare.


Certain acts, such as failing to offer your pet adequate nutrition, rest, and shelter, harming the animal physically or keeping it confined, are now labeled as animal cruelty, which is punishable by law.


The legislation also says that animal owners are not to abandon their pets under any circumstances.

We at Pet’s Delight welcome the new regulations, and reached out to some of our friends looking after stray animals to get their thoughts, too.


Fawaz is from Save Dubai Stray Cats, and personally feeds hundreds of stray cats every single week:


"After a second successful Walk for Animals recently, we can see that the community is getting more involved and aware of the poor strays hard lives. Many now know where to take them and what to do when a hungry or sick cat is found on the streets.

"This is great initiative to encourage each other to do more."

Becca is the administrator of the popular Dogs in Dubai Facebook group and Instagram page, which supports and advises dog owners across the UAE:


"I think if we start seeing these regulations enforced the UAE will be making major steps towards becoming one of the leading nations in animal welfare. 

“The recent cancellation of the Latino circus at Last Exit was proof that this law is already being implemented and that animal rights advocates are being listened to. Further actions, such as the removal of electroshock devices from stores will show the public that these laws and regulations are not going to be taken lightly. With federal laws 16 & 18 being imposed and the joint efforts of the municipalities and rescue organizations we will see a positive impact on the all animals in this country.”


Gaelin is a committee member of the The Bin Kitty Collective, one of the largest groups helping stray cats across the UAE:


“The Bin Kitty Collective welcomes any and all legislation that improves animal welfare in the UAE. As a very active animal welfare group, we are especially pleased to see that pet owners will be expected to take full responsibility for the pets in their care.

“Like many similar organisations, we are always exceptionally busy in the summer months, when many pets are discarded and dumped. Pet ownership is a big responsibility and a lifetime commitment. It’s about time that pet owners were held accountable.”


Mariela is from K9 Friends, an organisation that rescues and rehomes stray and abandoned dogs:


"We are very encouraged to see that animal welfare in the UAE is to be enshrined in law.

"We experience first hand the effects of people abandoning their pet dogs and also do our best to rescue as many vulnerable stray dogs and puppies as possible. We hope that this welcome initiative from the ministry will mean that people take their responsibilities to animals more seriously and think carefully before just buying a pet on a whim."


All in all, it’s fantastic to see that the UAE is taking new steps to protect animals and we are looking forward to the positive impact this will have on our communities.