How to Potty Train your Dog

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How to Potty Train your Dog
Jul 15
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How to Potty Train your Dog


Our dogs are spending more time indoors, partly due to the hot weather, partly due to the ‘new normal’ we are all living in, which in the most part means we don’t go out as much. Plus, this time at home has influenced many to get a new pup. As a result, we are getting an influx of customers asking for advice on toilet training.


Toilet training is one of the common challenges that pet owners face. Here are some of the basics for you.


  1. Crate Training – As part of dogs’ natural programming, they will never soil their dens. Crates, playpens or gates can be used to create a den. When choosing a crate, your dog must be able to stand up, turn around and be able to stretch out easily (bare in mind your pup will grow!).  As soon as you let your dog out from the crate or pen take them to the toileting spot immediately. Do not keep your dog confined for long periods of time!
  2. Take your puppy out every hour - Repetition and consistency are key. The more occasions you have that you can reward the appropriate behaviour, the quicker your puppy will ‘get it’. As your puppy gets the hang of it, you can slowly start to increase the time.  Note you should always take your puppies out after every meal.
  3. Reward - In order to motivate your dog, use valuable rewards. While dogs do respond to praise, for toilet training you want to go all out. Use tasty treats and lavish praise and really go over the top. You want to reward within a few seconds of your pet toileting, so they know what they getting all that attention for.
  4. Be patient and consistent and avoid punishment -  Punishing your dog after an accident will not teach him anything, except that you are to be feared. If an accident happens, move on and try to take your puppy out more frequently.


By following these steps, you will find potty training can be achieved quite quickly.  Remember the crate is not a punishment, but a quiet safe place your dog will cherish.