How To Safely Give Your Cat Medicine

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How To Safely Give Your Cat Medicine

How To Safely Give Your Cat Medicine 


As most cat parents will know, cats are notorious for living life on their own terms and that doesn’t tend to involve taking medications. But, if you have been advised by your vet to give your cat medication in pill form, it is your responsibility to ensure they take it.

Giving a cat pills can often be a challenge; however, it is an important skill to master and is absolutely possible when you are armed with the right tricks and tools.

If your vet has instructed that your cats medicine must be given with food, try out the “meatball”. Place the pill in the centre of a small ball of canned food or cheese.

If the meatball option doesn’t work for you, or your cat’s medication is required intake on an empty stomach, here are steps to follow to give your cat a pill:


 1 – Hold Your Cat

You’ll need to have a good grasp on your kitty to make this work. Set yourself up somewhere you and your cat are both comfortable. Wherever you settle, make sure the medication is in reach.

2 – Prepare the Pill

To save your fingers from biting, use a pet piller. Pet piller is a long, plastic plunger that will allow you to deposit the pill far back into your cat’s mouth without risking your hands getting a chomp.

To set up your piller, extend the plunger and load the pill inside. Make sure it’s properly positioned so it doesn’t fall out before you administer it, and use your dominant hand to hold it.

3 – Open Your Cat’s Mouth

Using your non-dominant hand, place It on your cat’s upper jaw, with your thumb on one side and fingers on the opposite side of their cheekbones. Gently apply pressure to encourage your cat to lower their jaw. A cat opens their mouth by dropping their lower jaw, so avoid prying it upwards.

Hold with gentle pressure until your cat opens their mouth.

4 - Putting the Pill Inside Your Cat’s Mouth

With your cat’s mouth open, insert the piller so the pill is close to the back of your cat’s mouth. Aim for near the base of the tongue as much as possible and press the plunger to release the pill. You will want to act quickly with this step.

5 - Hold Their Mouth Closed

Use one or both hands to keep a gentle hold on your cat’s mouth. Keeping your cat’s mouth closed will prevent them spitting the pill back out. You can encourage them to swallow by softly stroking their throat whilst you stay in position for a while. Be patient with this step.

6 - Reward Your Cat

When the pill has been swallowed successfully, always give verbal praise and a treat. You want to end their experience on a positive note! Shop cat treats here



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