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Could your cat be overheating?

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Could your cat be overheating?
Jul 31
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Could your cat be overheating?


Cats are susceptible to overheating, heat stroke, dehydration, and other heat-related illnesses like us humans are. So when you feel warm, chances are your kitty does, too.


During the UAE summer cats are at higher risk of heatstroke and overheating, particularly in the humid weather, so it’s really important that you’re aware of the warning signs.


Seven signs your cat could be overheating


-          Panting

-          Restlessness

-          Rapid heartbeat

-          Dark red or gray coloured gums

-          Lethargy

-          Increased body temperature

-          Vocalising


How to cool your cat down


Cats are clever and they’ll usually find themselves shady or cool spots. But if you notice heat exhaustion in cats, what can you do?


Reducing your cat’s overall stress if you feel he is overheating is really important to help you get things under control. You also need to move him to a cool, calm, and soothing environment. Then call ahead to your vet and take him straight to them.


Water can help relieve heat exhaustion, but some cats hate water and this could make them stress more – which can put him at a higher risk of medical issues. A damp towel is a good option for most cats to provide some immediate relief.


Are some cats more at risk than others?


All cats can be at risk of heat stroke, but there are some that are more likely to suffer. Short-nosed breeds can have breathing problems, which means they sometimes struggle to cool themselves, which makes them more susceptible.


We recommend keeping all cats out of direct such as much as possible as any cat can suffer from heatstroke. In the hot UAE summers, it’s really important to make sure your cat is comfortable and has access to shaded spots and water at all times.