Cat food toppers and why you might need them…

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Cat food toppers and why you might need them
Jan 20
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Cat food toppers and why you might need them… 


Encouraging your kitty to eat dry food can be a bit of a challenge, cats can be stubborn and a lot more fussy when it comes to kibble than wet food. But it’s important that she gets proper nutrition which is hard to get from wet food alone, dry food also plays an important role in keeping her teeth in good health.


These factors leave you having to come up with clever ways to get her eating dry food. This is where toppers can come in.


What are the benefits of cat food toppers?


Not only do these tasty tins and pouches encourage your furbaby to eat her dry food (which generally is a better, nutritionally complete diet than just wet food), but they help her get some much-needed moisture from her diet, too.


Cats are notorious for not drinking enough water off their own backs, leaving you to either leave the tap running (yep, cats seem to enjoy the water more if it’s running) or to supplement their diet with wet food which contains more moisture.


Cat food toppers like Applaws Cat Soups (the pouch contains three servings) or canned from Kit Cat are an affordable way to not only get your kitty gobbling up her kibble but upping her hydration levels, too.


Do I always have to feed them as a topper on dry food?


Not necessarily. As long as she has a well-balanced diet, it can also be a way to give your kitty a little treat every now and again.


As much as having your cat eat her bowl of kibble is important, which is why we would recommend a topper if you’re struggling, you might not want her to have a topper with every bowl of dry food either.


Topper is created with the above in mind, but you can also add a spoonful of your usual wet food to your cat’s dry food and it works in a similar way – the texture isn’t quite as good as a topper as these special formulas though.


Still, have questions about toppers? Speak to our in-house nutritionist, Sam on 052 191 6961 or