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Ask our nutritionist!
Jun 23
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In every issue of our Pet’s Delight Magazine our in-house nutritionist, Sam, answers questions sent in by our customers. Have a question? Email Sam on nutrition@petsdelight.com or contact us on social media @PetsDelight.



Question from londonjem on Instagram

My cat keeps peeing next to her litter box in the corner, even when her litter is clean. What could be the reason?



The most common reason for cats urinating outside of their litter box is that they don’t like the litter box or the litter. If you have ruled out any medical issues with your vet, then it’s time to reassess your set up. Try different litters first, some cats will prefer crystal cat litter and others will prefer clumping clay, for example.


We have different options that you can try to find what works for your kitty:

Nature’s Calling Cat Litter

Cat’s Best Original Cat Litter

Flamingo Baby Powder Cat Litter

Fresh Magic Crystal Cat Litter


There are also a number of different litter box styles that you can try. Some cats might like having a rim, others won’t. Some cats prefer to have a covered litter tray, too.


Savic Oscar or Nestor litter trays are good for kitties who are more private, and the Savic Iriz Litter Tray is a good option if you want something simple.


Question from laniejolie on Instagram

I have noticed my three cats have less hair on their legs, is it due to the ceramic floor in my home?



If your cat is losing hair it could be due to a number of reasons. These include ringworm, fungal skin infections, hormonal problems, and infestations of fleas or mites. Look out for your cat losing hair on their belly, back, and inside their back legs as these could be signs of a medical condition. It is unlikely that ceramic flooring is the cause of hair loss with all three of your cats.


Question from lilfranklestein on Instagram

My Shiba Inu puppy has a lot of dandruff, how can we get rid of it?



Low levels of moisture in the air can take moisture from your dog’s skin, which makes him itch and flake. This is particularly common in spring and summer and if your pet suffers from seasonal allergies – it’s best to check in with your vet to rule out any bigger issues.

A lot of puppies seem to suffer from dandruff or dry, flaky skin, this is quite normal and is more common in pups with dark coats.


Step to get rid of dandruff:

  1. Regularly groom your dog. This is a simple way to maintain your dog’s coat and keep dandruff at bay – we have fantastic groomers at our Motor City shop, but if you decide to groom from home ensure you have a good puppy shampoo such as Puppy Love from Animology or Bio Groom Fluffy Puppy Shampoo.
  2. Give your puppy supplements, treats, and foods that are packed with omega-3 fatty acids. Salmon is a great option to boost your pet’s omega-3, and there are a lot of supplements and foods on the market that contains salmon. In terms of food, the Fish4Dogs range is fantastic as it’s solely fish-based, Puppy White Ocean Fish would benefit your pup's coat.
  3. Use a humidifier in your home.


Question from nadine_raed on Instagram

My dog won’t stop barking - help!



There are a few reasons why your dog may constantly be barking.

  1. Dogs left alone for long periods of time, whether in the house or the garden, can become bored or sad and will often bark because they are unhappy.
  2. Some dogs bark when they greet humans or other dogs, or when they’re playing.
  3. Separation anxiety can cause compulsive barking which might be the issue if your dog is constantly barking when you’re not around.

Some pointers for preventing barking:

  1. Keep your dog in a quiet part of the house where he won’t be disturbed.
  2. Keep the curtains or shades closest so he isn’t distracted or upset by what’s outside.
  3. Leave the radio or the TV on as background noise can keep your dog happy when you’re not around.
  4. Give your dog a chew toy with your scent on it as you leave, it should distract him when you’re going and your scent will comfort him when he realizes you’ve left.