Adventures with your dog: what you need

Adventures with your dog: what you need
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Adventures with your dog: what you need

Adventures with your dog: what you need

It's that time of year where it's comfortable to be out and about, hiking, walking, kayaking, and generally enjoying the great outdoors. Our four-legged friends love sharing these experiences with us, too, so we've rounded up our top adventure products to make it a more comfortable day out for our best furry friends.




Finding the right leash for you and your dog can take some time. Some dogs require a short leash to keep them by our side, others are easier to let explore on a retractable leash - whatever your preference, we've got you covered.


Flexi has a selection of durable retractable leashes:


Ruffwear, notably one of the best brands out there for adventure products, designs it's leads with different needs in mind: from waterproof leashes to adjustable padding.

Dog boots


There are situations all year round where we need to be looking after our dogs paws. In the heat of summer boots are needed to stop them burning their feet, and now we're in cooler months they're needed for activities such as hiking to protect their paws from being impacted by the tough rocks.

Ruffwear has boots with different designs and sizes, so you can choose the right ones for your pup:

Hydration is crucial


Keeping your dog hydrated on your adventures is essential. The Beco Travel Bowl is collapsible, which makes it ideal for slipping into your backpack.



Getting to your destination


If you have a small breed dog in particular, getting them comfortable in the car on long journeys can be tricky. That's where Petmate comes in. The Petmate Booster Seat will keep your dog safe and comfortable.

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