Struggling to name your pup? Here are our tips

Struggling to name your pup? Here are our tips
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Struggling to name your pup? Here are our tips

Choosing a dog name is a big deal. And it’s not always something that you’ll find easy to agree on, particularly if you’re trying to please a whole family. One person might like names such as fluffy and someone else might prefer names like Sam.

Some important things to bear in mind:

  1. It’s better to have a short name than a long one.

Canines have an easier time recognizing names that are one or two syllables long than those that are a bit more complex.

  1. Choose names with sharp consonants

Dogs hear high frequency sounds well. Names starting with S, Sh, Ch, K etc will help you catch your furry friend’s attention. Simba, Charlie, and Kassie are all names that most dogs will react relatively quickly to.

  1. Think about what other words your dog’s name sounds like

Dogs don’t tend to recognise words, they understand the frequencies of them. This means that they will get confused by words that sound similar. This might make things tricky if you name your dog something that is similar to a command. For example, Skip might be confused with the command Sit, and Bo might find it hard when you’re saying No.

Here are some of our tips in helping you find the perfect name for your dog:

Are you a fan of old human names?

For a long time, naming pets by old human names like Bart, Walter, or Mabel has been quite popular. These classic names often fit a lot of different types of dog, which might tell us why there continues to be a rise in pups with these particular names.

Naming your pup based on his looks

If your dog’s coat is white, you could name him snowflake. If he’s a Pomeranian and has a lot of fur, why not fluffy, a Dalmatian could be spotty – the list is endless.

Does your favourite food have a ring to it?

Donut, biscuit, cupcake, fudge, and marshmallow are all names we’ve heard of before. We might not recommend calling your pup steak… but naming him after food could be a popular move with the kids.

Get to know his personality before you name him

If you’re prepared to wait a little before you choose a name (which pet parents often do with dogs), you could give a name based on his individual personality. Maybe your pup has a little attitude, Sassy might be a good fit. He might be constantly trying to get in the biscuit tin, then Oreo is a good choice. Or if he will never leave his dog bowl or stop begging, greedy might be appropriate.


Whatever you name your new pup, make sure it’s something you can both live with, and you don’t mind shouting down the street after him. After all, dogs live for many years, so you’ll be stuck with it for some time to come.


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