Zolux Nutrimeal Exotic Bride Millet Sticks

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Exotic bird treats. In addition to a daily meal that is well-balanced, provide 1 or 2 sticks each week, and always have access to fresh, clean water. Prior to the date that is printed on the merchandise. The NUTRIMEAL Sticks Premium are a vet-approved product comprised entirely of natural ingredients with no sugar or other additives. This treat is a great complement to a daily diet because it is well-balanced and highly high in yellow millet. Additionally, it has crushed seashells to aid in digestion.

Product Features:

  • Approved by Veterinarians
  • 100% Natural origin
  • Additive-Free
  • No added sugars
  • Recycled plastic hook

Technical details/ Specifications:

Type: Bird Food & Treats
Size: 110 g

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