ZiwiPeak Lamb Recipe Wet Dog Food

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ZiwiPeak Lamb tin recipe is suitable and recommended for ALL BREEDS AND LIFE STAGES.
ZiwiPeak Lamb is a single-protein dry food for dogs with 96% Lamb. Ziwi Lamb is sustainably sourced from organic grass-fed and free-range only farms in New Zealand. This special and unique recipe includes 3% New Zealand Green Mussel, a natural source of chondrotin and glucosamine as well as 7% cold-washed tripe, never bleached or scalded to ensure your dog gets the natural benefits in their diet as well as increasing palatability and healthy digestion.

This recipe is GRAIN, GLYCERIN & SUGAR FREE and can promote healthy skin and coat as well as reduce allergy sensitivities and improve mobility health and digestion.

Born with love, crafted for goodness - For an ethical and sustainable whole prey diet.

ZiwiPeak Moist Lamb is particularly suitable for:

  • Dogs that need to put on weight
  • Growing puppies needing extra energy
  • Dogs recovering from injury or sickness
  • Dogs that suffer from digestion issues such as IBS & IBD
  • Dogs that suffer from Renal issues 
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