Savic Reina Sift Toilet Home

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AED : 252.00


  • extra-spacious toilet for bigger and/or multiple cats
  • hygienic dividing system: 2 trays and a sieve
  • modern design and fresh colours
  • quick and easy to clean: sieve keeps excrement and clumps of litter separate from the clean litter
  • economical and longer-lasting use of litter: the sieved clean litter can be reused
  • practical handle for carrying around
  • sieve is suitable for fine and coarse clumping cat litter (10 mm openings)
  • carbon filter ensures that all unpleasant odours stay in the tray
  • unique transparent flap door
  • large clips guarantee secure fastening of the trays and sieve


64cm x 46cm x 48cm

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