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Triangular shaped toilet home with foldable front. The Nestor Corner is a space-saving toilet home. Thanks to the triangular shape it fits neatly in the corner of the room, which makes the litter box a space-saving and practical solution. Moreover, the Nestor Corner has a foldable front which makes the toilet home easy to clean. The specially developed front can be opened far. In this way, the soiled litter can be removed carefully and quickly without removing the top part. Furthermore, the Nestor Corner has a replaceable filter to absorb unpleasant odours, a built-in handle and a transparent swing door. Use the litter tray bags BAG IT UP for quick and easy cleaning of the litter tray and an extended life-time. For a clean & hygienic area around the litter tray, use a litter tray mat.

AED : 105.00

The Savic Nestor Corner Cat Litter Box is a handy, space-saving alternative to traditional rectangular litter boxes, as it fits into the corner of a room. The opening, including the swing door, can be flipped up for easy access inside the litter tray, allowing you to clean in all of the corners, without removing the cover completely. The cover can be lifted off when needed, so that you can empty the cat litter box and give it a thorough clean. Once cleaning is complete, you can re-attach the cover using the three clips.

The cat litter box has a swing-door with a little paw-print design through which your cat can access the box. The included carbon filter is inserted into the hood and ensures that no nasty smells escape. The filter should be changed at regular intervals to keep the air in your rooms fresh.

The Savic Nestor Corner Cat Litter Box is ideal for anxious or nervous cats and timid kittens that are not used to using a covered toilet yet. You can leave the hood flipped up to begin with, until your pet is accustomed the new litter tray. The high base tray can also be used without the cover.

The covered corner litter box has a moulded grip at the top to make it easy to move, and is available in either white and grey or white and fuchsia pink.

The Savic Nestor Corner Cat Litter Box at a glance:

  • Triangular covered cat litter box
  • Space-saving corner tray: fits in the corner of the room
  • Large opening – ideal for cleaning: the front door folds up and away, for easy access to the litter
  • Removable cover: for changing the litter, with integrated clips to attach to the base tray
  • Changeable carbon filter: filters unpleasant odours
  • Practical integrated handle in the lid: makes the box easy to move and carry
  • Swing door made from transparent plastic:
    • removable
    • with paw-print detail
    • for cats that like a private litter box
    • keeps unpleasant odours inside the box


  • Total dimensions: 58.5 x 45.5 x 40 cm (L x W x H)
  • Swing door: approx. 19.5 x 23 cm
  • Entrance: 20.5 x 23.5 cm (L x H)
  • Area of opening for cleaning when swing door folded open: approx. 20.5 x 29 cm
  • Base height: 11.5cm (L x W)
  • Entry height: 13cm (L x W x H)
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