Royal Canin Shih-Tzu Puppy Dry Dog Food 1.5kg 1.5KG/NA

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Royal Canin Shih Tzu Junior dog food with anti-oxidant complex for a strong immune system, supports harmonious growth with optimal energy and protein contents, suitable up to 10 months.

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Shi Tzu puppies need a special food in the intense and crucial growth phase. During growth, bones and muscles need special nutrients to become strong and healthy. The immune system needs a special boost to make sure the puppy grows into a strong and resistant adult dog.

Fast growth: an intense growth period means the puppy needs optimal energy and protein contents and a balanced intake of calcium and phosphorus

Strengthening the immune system: a special anti-oxidant complex helps to strengthen puppies' immune systems

Special recipe: valuable vitamins and amino acids can strengthen the skin's barrier function and prevent the intrusion of bacteria. They also help to maintain a shiny coat and reduce dandruff

Adapted kibble: chihuahuas need special kibble that are adjusted in size, shape and texture to their small jaws

Tartar prevention: sodium phosphates help to bind the calcium in saliva and protect against tartar

Reduction of stool odour: highly digestible proteins, rice, FOS and a complex of EPA/DHA minimise the amount of undigested food and reduce unpleasant stool odour as well as stool volume


Royal Canin Shih Tzu Junior is a dry dog food for young Shih Tzus with a recipe specially adapted to the breed's nutritional requirements.

Feeding recommendation:

Royal Canin Breed Shih Tzu Junior is a complete feed for growing dogs.

For mixing with water, please note the amount indicated on the feed bag.


Age in months Final weight
Final weight
Final weight
2 80g 95g 115g
3 90g 107g 135g
4 94g 112g 143g
5 94g 112g 145g
6 86g 102g 144g
7 77g 91g 130g
8 68g 81g 116g
9 67g 80g 103g
10 67g 79g 102g
11 Shih Tzu Adult Shih Tzu Adult Shih Tzu Adult

The amounts stated here are guidelines only and should be adapted to meet your dog's specific dietary needs.



Rice, dehydrated poultry protein (dried), maize, animal fats, vegetable protein isolate*, beet pulp, animal protein (hydrolyzed), minerals, fish oil, soya oil, fructo-oligo-saccharides, yeast hydrolyzate [source of mannan-oligosaccharides], borage oil (0.1%), marigold extract [source of lutein]. 
*L.I.P.: protein selected for its very high assimilation


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