Royal Canin Sensory Smell Gravy Wet Cat Food 85g

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Did you know that cats evaluate their food before consuming it using their highly developed sense of smell? Try this product if you have a kitty friend with a picky appetite! We all know the tale: you purchase a fresh, appetizing food in the hopes that your baby tiger would at last eat it. They genuinely give it a sniff before walking away. That's because cats use their sense of smell to determine whether something is worth their taste buds' time before they even use their sense of taste! But do not fret. For cats to enjoy eating more, experts at Royal Canin created a dish that activates their keen sense of smell. Additionally, the rich gravy and succulent pieces in this wet cat food promote hydration, which supports a healthy urinary system. Finally, to improve the wellbeing of adult cats, this product was created to match the ideal macronutrient profile that adult cats instinctively prefer.

Product Features:
- Incorporates succulent pieces in gravy to stimulate cats' keen sense of scent.
- Encourages healthy urine function to increase hydration.
- Has the optimal macronutrient profile for adult cats.

Technical details/ Specifications:
Type: Wet Cat Food


Meat and animal derivatives, fish and fish derivatives, cereals, vegetable protein extracts, minerals, derivatives of vegetable origin, yeasts.

Analytical Constituents/ Analysis:

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